Suspicions of Racial Discrimination

Personal Letter

Dear …

I would like to bring to your attention a situation that has occurred, which I believe is a classic case of racial discrimination. Please allow me to recap the events that have taken place.

  1. On __(date)__, __(name)__ was accused of __(alleged crime)__.
  2. What happened that day was __(briefly describe what happened)__, which was witnessed by __(list names and titles of witnesses)__.
  3. Later that day __(two Police Officers/Deputies)__ arrived at __(his/her/my)__ home and arrested __(name)__ for __(alleged crime)__.
  4. As a result of __his/her)__ arrest,__(he/she)__ was then immediately suspended from __(work/school/etc.)__
  5. After an investigation by __(name/describe who handled the investigation – i.e. the school board/human resources/etc.)__, who questioned all of the _(the witnesses/etc.)__, it was determined that there was no apparent reason for __(him/her)__ to be suspended and __(he/she)__ was immediately reinstated __(as a student/in his/her position at work/etc.)__.
  6. After the investigation by the __(police department/etc.)__ was completed, the charges were dropped.
  7. The alleged victim appealed the decision to drop the charges and had the case reopened.
  8. On __(date)__, __(name)__ appeared before __(Judge __name__)__ in the __(name of court)__. When the alleged victim, __(name)__, testified, __(he/she)__ story told a story that completely different from what was recorded in the original police statements and that of all of the witnesses. Some of the discrepancies in __(his/her)__ new story included __(briefly describe some of the discrepancies)__.
  9. To our dismay, the Judge refused to acknowledge the results of the investigation and those statements by the witnesses. Instead, __(he/she)__ simply said __(he/she)__ didn’t believe the witnesses and declared __(name)__ guilty.
  10. __(His/Her)__ sentencing is scheduled for __(date)__.

This was not a real trial, in any sense of the word. This was a clear case of the Judge declaring a person guilty without even taking any of the evidence into consideration, which suspiciously looks like a case of racial discrimination. Therefore, I am asking for the help of __(name of organization)__ to look into this case.

It will be an outrage to see this innocent person unjustly accused and sentenced, purely because or racial discrimination. As time is of the essence, I would greatly appreciate it if you would please contact me at __(phone #)__ as quickly as possible to discuss this situation further. Thank you.

Yours truly,