Unable to Participate

Personal Letter

Dear …

As you likely know, I have been __(running/cycling/racing/etc.)__ in the annual __(Name of Fundraiser event)__ for the (Name of organization)__ for the past __(#)__ years. With the amazing support I’ve received from all my supporters, I have managed to exponentially increase the amount raised each year. Last year, with the generous pledges of all my supporters, I was able to raise __($amount)__ for the __(Name of Organization)__.

Regrettably, this year I may be unable to participate in the __(type of event – i.e. bike-a-thon/ race/marathon/etc.)__ because __(briefly describe reason why not able to participate)__. I am, however, still committed to this fundraising event and ask that all my sponsors please continue to support this very worthy cause, even though I may personally be unable to __(run/cycle/race/etc.)__ this year. Despite the circumstances, I still plan to continue with my training in the remote chance that I may yet be able to participate.

It has been such a privilege to support this fundraising event each year and my goal is to go on with doing whatever I can to help raise funds this year. Therefore, I ask you to please help me to make this event another great success by offering your pledge of sponsorship. The lives of others really do benefit from your gifts.

Enclosed you will find a Sponsorship Form outlining the optional pledges you may make. I ask that you kindly make your check payable to __(name of organization)__. __(Your donation is tax deductible and you will be issued a Tax Receipt.)__. Please return your donation to me by __(date)__ at __(address)__ so that it may be registered before the __(name of the event)__. You may contact me at __(phone #)__ if you have any questions.

Again, I thank you for your generous support and look forward to hearing from you soon.