Forever in memory,

Love Letter

I lay down my aching heartMy dear...

I still wake up in the middle of the night shivering from the empty feeling that continually overshadows me. Everyday the hurt, the emptiness, and the sadness are feelings that are becoming all too familiar to me. You are gone from my life and it kills me everyday not to be able to kiss you, hold you and whisper my love to you. I now know what it means to ache and mourn for a lost love.

I wonder if you really know how much you mean to me. I never knew love could be so strong...I never knew the joy of love until I met you. You are still the deepest meaning in my life and I love you with every breath that I take. Without you, I feel that I can’t go on.

Shall I bear the pain of remembering you for all eternity? Will I ever be able to move on in my life? Will you ever come back to me? I lay my aching heart before you and hope that you still love me.

Loving you forever,