Contributions towards Teacher’s Gift

Personal Letter

Dear …

I am writing to all the parents today of the children currently enrolled in __(Name’s)__ class asking for your support in thanking __(her/him)__ for all __(she/he)__ does for our children. As we know, there are teachers who simply follow the curriculum set out and then there are those teachers whose goal is to really make a difference. __(Name)__ stands out as one of those teachers who goes the extra mile, making a real difference in the life of every student __(he/she)__ teaches.

Each one of our children’s lives has been positively touched for having the privilege of being in __(Name’s)__ classroom. Maybe your child has shared with you, some of the positive things he or she gained from that class. One thing you can know for sure, is that this teacher is very gifted when it comes to teaching our children. It is nothing short of amazing how the children respond to __(him/her)__.

On behalf of all of us who have a child in __(her/his)__ class, I believe it would be fitting to present ____(him/her)__ with a __(gift/gift certificate)__ as our way of thanking __(him/her)__ for all __(his/her)__ extra efforts. I am, therefore, asking for a donation of __($amount)__ from each child’s parents that will go towards the purchase of this __(gift/gift certificate)__. I thank you for considering supporting this endeavor and ask you to kindly __(briefly describe how you wish them to proceed with donation)__.

I will be in touch with you in the next __(few days/week/etc.)__ to follow up. Thank you again for your support.