Donation to Victim of Loss/Accident/Illness

Personal Letter

Dear …

On behalf of __(the members of the –Name of community–/all your friends and family/etc.)__, we send you our best wishes. We’re all __(hoping/praying)__ that you __(make a speedy recovery/will be able to rebuild soon/etc.)__.

The news of your __(type of event/loss: i.e. terrible automobile accident)__, really shook __(this community/us up)__. When we first heard of the __(accident/loss/etc.)__, we were all __(shocked/devastated/etc.)__, and so many of us wanted to help in any way we could. It’s then we decided to unite together to raise money as a means of helping you__(through this tragic ordeal/with the costs of your medical treatments/etc.)__.

So on behalf of __(the members of the –Name of– community/your friends and family/etc.)__, we now present a donation to you in the amount of __($amount)__. You will find the __(check/money order)__ __(attached/enclosed)__. We know that this donation __(can never replace…/will not be enough to cover your entire…/etc.)__, but we hope that you will find it helpful in some way.

This is our way of reaching out to you, __(Name)__, and letting you know we care. You are very special to each and every one of us here and our thoughts and prayers continue to remain with you. __(We hope to have you back safe and sound soon)__.

Best wishes,