Letter of Introduction to Sponsored Child

Personal Letter

Dear …

__(We are/I am)__ so delighted that we could sponsor you through __(Name of Organization)__. It gives __(us/me)__ pleasure to be able to help people. Let me introduce __(us/myself)__ to you.

__(My name is, __(Name)__ and my husband’s name is __(Name)__. We live in __(Name of location)__. It is a __(town/city)__ with a population of __(#)__ people. __(Name of State/Province)__ is situated __(briefly describe where it is located in the country)__. The weather here is usually __(average type of weather)__, but sometimes we get __(type of weather – i.e. tornados/snow storms that leave # cm snow behind/etc.)__.

__(I am/Name and I are)__ __(briefly give some details about your life: i.e. married and have # children who are ages # and #/etc.)__. __(My/Our)__ pet __(dog/cat/etc.)__ also thinks __(he/she)__ is one of __(our/my children)__. And __(he/she)__ likes to be the boss in the house too! __(We all/I)__ really love __(him/her)__, despite the way __(he/she)__ carries on sometimes.

__(I/My husband, Name/etc.)__ work(s) at a __(type of company)__. __(Talk about the types of things you do at work)__. __(Describe whether you think it’s fun/enjoy your job/etc.)__. Please tell __(me/us)__ about yourself. What does your __(village/town/city/country/etc.)__ look like and what kind of weather do you have there? Do you have brothers and sisters? What are some of the things you like to do? Do you like to sing? There’s just so much __(we/I)__ would like to know about you.

__(We/I)__ can hardly wait to get acquainted with you, __(Name)__. It will be great to share our lives with each other and __(we/I)__ would so happy if, one day, you even felt like part of __(our/my)__ family. __(We/I)__ hope to hear from you soon.