Application & Interview Request to Graduate

Personal Letter

Dear …

Re: Application to __(Name of program/school)__

Though I have many reasons for applying to __(Name of college/university)__ for enrollment in the __(type of program/course)__, two primary reasons I have for choosing your school are: 1) The impressive reputation of this school, and 2) The caliber of the __(type of)__program you offer.

I strongly believe that graduating from your __(Name of program/course)__ will ultimately provide me with increased career opportunities. My goal is to achieve a successful career in the __(type of field)__ and I am prepared to do what it takes to accomplish that. Having reviewed the __(course/program)__ prerequisite(s), it appears that I __(meet/exceed)__ the requirements. I __(briefly describe your academic achievements that meet/exceed the prerequisites)__.

Enclosed you will find my enrollment application for the __(Name of program/course)__. I would greatly appreciate the opportunity for an interview with you to further present myself as a good potential student for this __(course/program)__. Hard work and focused perseverance I believe, is what it takes to succeed in this program and I am quite prepared to do both. Thank you for taking the time to review my application and to consider offering an interview to me. I would be absolutely delighted to be accepted into your __(type program/school/etc.)__ and with hopeful anticipation, I look forward to hearing from you soon.