Recommendation of Son/Daughter to School

Personal Letter

Dear …

RE: __(Student Name)__ - __(Course/Program name)__

I am writing this letter to you on behalf of my __(son/daughter)__, __(full Name)__ for enrollment into __(name of course/program/school/etc.)__ .

__(Name)__ is very conscientious young __(man/lady)__, who generally exercises fairly good judgment in __(his/her)__ approach to things. Growing up, __(Name)__ was a __(bright/happy/content/kind/generous/etc.)__ child. __(He/She)__ took on responsibility quite well, which eventually developed into good leadership skills over the years. In fact, __(he/she)__ __(briefly describe what he/she did/does that would give credibility to his/her character ...i.e. held a paper route for # years/keeps our walks shoveled and lawn cut/has held responsible babysitting jobs for # years now/etc.)__.

There have been struggles and challenges that __(Name)__ has faced, yet __(he/she)__ always manages to dig deep to find the courage and determination to overcome them. The perseverance to see something to its end is a quality that, I am quite proud to say, __(Name)__ possesses. __(He/She)__ has demonstrated countless times, that __(he/she)__ is not a quitter.

__(Name)__ is a young __(man/lady)__ with a high degree of integrity. When __(he/she)__ makes a mistake, __(he/she)__ is willing to face the consequences. Undoubtedly, teenage years has taken its toll on __(him/her)__, as with most going through this period in their lives. Influences on __(him/her)__, have led __(him/her)__ into making decisions that __(he/she)__ came to realize were poor judgment calls. But, thankfully, __(he/she)__ seems to rise above these situations with a stronger sense of character. __(Name)__ is one who does learn from __(his/her)__ mistakes.

My __(son/daughter)__ is a bright and ambitious individual, who I believe deserves serious consideration for acceptance in your __(type)__ program. Without hesitation, I believe that __(he/she)__ will prove to be one of your outstanding students.