Appeal to School for Acceptance into Program

Personal Letter

Dear ...

I wish to bring to your attention, a very disturbing situation that I encountered recently when I tried to register for one of the programs at __(Name of School)__ .

On __(date)__, I applied for enrollment in the __(Name of Program)__, offered by __(Name of School)__. I was told by __(type or name of person)__ that I currently do not qualify for this program as a result of not having met the prerequisites. In __(his/her)__ opinion, my prior academic history falls short of the prerequisites because __(briefly describe reason given for non-qualification)__. __(He/She)__ suggested that I __(briefly describe what he/she suggested you do)__.

Please accept this letter, along with all the enclosed documentation, as proof that I do, in fact, currently qualify for enrollment in the __(Name of Program)__ program. Allow me to point out at this time, that I have successfully completed the following courses:

  1. __(list course)__ - completed __(date completed)__
  2. __(list course)__ - completed __(date completed)__
  3. __(list course)__ - completed __(date completed)__
  4. __(list course)__ - completed __(date completed)__
  5. __(list course)__ - completed __(date completed)__

Trusting that you will find all this information to be accurate and in order, I formally request that __(briefly describe what you are requesting – i.e. acceptance into (program name) a/o exemption of certain course(s)/etc.)__. I thank you in advance for your timely attention to this matter and I look forward to hearing from you soon.