Applying to Post Doctorate Program

Personal Letter

Dear …

Re: __(Name)__ - Application to the __(Name of program)__

I thank you for taking the time to consider me for enrollment in your __(type of post doctorate program)__. Though there are actually many reasons I have for applying for enrollment in the __(name of program)__ program at __(Name of college/university/school)__, one of the primary reasons is because of the caliber of program that it is. I am convinced that __(Name of college’s/university’s/school’s)__ __(name of program)__ is a good match with what I am looking for because__(briefly describe why it’s a good match)__. It will provide me with the foundation I need to achieve my fullest potential in the __(type of field)__ field.

One of the other reasons that I believe makes me a good choice for your program is because I am a highly ambitious individual with a tremendous enthusiasm for the __(type field)__. In addition to my excellent scholastic accomplishments, as outlined in the attached __(type of documents)__, I have also participated in and have actually spearheaded __(type of related projects)__. My passion for __(type of field)__ proves to be infectious in that it always promotes motivation within any team I’ve been involved in with these projects.

I believe that the driving force behind me in choosing a career in the __(type of field)__, is my strong desire to __(briefly describe some of the reasons you have chosen this career)__. I also possess natural talents in __(type of skills)__. My ultimate goal is to __(briefly describe your long term goal)__ and I am prepared to do what it takes to achieve that. I believe that only through hard work and focused perseverance, can one accomplish __(a goal/goals)__ such as __(this/these)__.

My good study habits and work ethics, along with my endless ambition well-equips me to accomplish my goals. Some of the contributions I have already made to the __(type)__ field include(s) the __(article(s)/journal(s)/paper(s)/etc.) on __(subject type(s)__ that I have written. __(Name of article/journal/paper)__ is a good example of some of my __(research/discoveries/work)__.

From what I can tell, it appears that my current__(GPA/grades/etc.)__ __(meet/exceed)__ your __(name of program’s)__ prerequisites. I can only hope that I have presented a case to you that will convince you that I should be chosen to enroll in your __(type of post doctorate program)__. Once again, thank you for considering me for the program and I look forward to hearing from you soon.