Never knew what I had till lost it

Love Letter

My dearest ...

I think of you every single day. I never knew how much I needed your love until you were gone. I guess I never really knew what I had until I lost it.

I miss you so much, my love that I find myself always looking for your face in a crowd of people. I often think I hear your voice...and look behind but you’re not there. Sometimes, I imagine myself answering the door just to find you standing there. Thoughts of you never escape my mind.

I remember so many wonderful things about you. Sometimes, I almost wish my memory wasn’t so good. I remember the first time I saw you, how I melted under your gaze. I remember the nights we stayed up all night just talking. I remember our first kiss, so blissful...remembering how it carried us away on a cloud. I remember so much about our love together.

And now, my memory leads me to the day you kissed me softly on my tear stained cheek, as you walked out of my life. My heart breaks each time I remember how I now have a lonely life without you. My world died when you left, __(Name)__. I know that there will never be someone like you in my life and in my heart, I will love you for eternity.

Always and forever,