Deep pain I feel

Love Letter

My dear ...

The last few months have been the most painful of my life. Feeling the deep pain of our detachment...I have wept endlessly. My pain only knows an aching yearning for what seems can never be. This pain knows no comfort.

I am lost without your love. All my hopes and dreams died when we parted. I keep looking for a way to move forward with my life, yet it always brings me back to the deep void in the centre of my being. I long for what once was. Oh God, how much longer must I bear the pain?

How can I forget you, when still in my heart, the flame of my eternal love for you burns? I struggle to focus on my work, on my life...I struggle just to get by each day. I can barely function, for every moment of every day, I yearn for you. From the very essence of my being, I love you...I will love forever.

Forever yours,