I wonder, will we ever be again?

Love Letter

My dearest ...

Here I am thinking about you again, feeling the love that you once brought into my life, reliving the precious moments that we spent together. I have visions once again, of being in your arms, losing myself in the passion of love I have for you. I find myself yearning to feel your presence, wishing that we could ride the waves of love the way we used to.

It’s so hard to accept that you are no longer in my life. Now left with only memories of you, my heart is crying. I hear the echoes of emptiness with each heartbeat.

I wonder about what could have been. All the wonderful memories that we could have made. I find myself looking deeper and closer at the dreams we once shared. So many journeys and stories untold. Oh my love, my heart aches so, for you. I find myself wondering if we will ever be together again. Though I dare not utter the words lest they be lost to an unhearing universe, my love for you remains deep and pure.

I will never forget our love, for it lives within me forever.

Yours always,