Asking one last chance

Love Letter

Dear …

I thought the most horrible day of my life was that day we said goodbye. Well, I found out that was only the beginning of the misery yet to come. The light that once shone in my life, has burned out. I stand here today, a broken __(man/woman)__, only half a person without you. Never does a minute pass me by, without thinking of you. I hear your voice in everything I do and find myself always searching for you in crowded rooms, in hopes of a mere glimpse of your face. I am endlessly missing you, longing for you, aching for you.

I’ve replayed our life together over and over in my head a hundred times; a thousand times, and each time I ask myself, “How could I have ever have let this happen?” You are all I ever lived for and now, I have lost you. I must have been out of my mind not to recognize how __(my path of destruction/selfishly thinking only of myself/etc.)__ was hurting you.

It took our breakup, to have my eyes finally opened to see how badly I have hurt you. I feel ashamed…it makes me cry. How could I have done this to the one I love most in the world? It really made me realize that some major changes needed to be made in my life. So I __(describe what you have done to change)__. I want you to know that I will do anything, anything to have you back in my life again.

I love you with all of my heart and I hope and pray that you can dig deep inside one more time to find some way to forgive me for all the wrong I have done. I am truly sorry, __(Name)__, for everything. Night and day I am tormented, trying to live without you. Please give me one more chance to prove to you that I love you enough to make whatever changes are needed. Your love means more to me than anything in this world and I need you in my life.

I am hurting so badly. Please, __(name)__, don’t throw away all that we’ve shared together. Life without you is unbearable. It’s tearing me apart inside, so badly that I just want to die. You are my life. Please, I beg of you, don’t let our love slip away. It is worth fighting for. I know that we can persevere through this. Please give me this one last chance.

Loving you forever,