Please come back to work it out

Love Letter

My dear…

I miss you so much. The lonely nights without you are incredibly hard to bear. I lay awake night after night with thoughts of you. Each time it takes me back to those days when I was in your arms and so happy. Two lovers in love.

When I think back, I never felt so loved and cherished. I remember how your hand would be comfortably intertwined in mine as we lazily walked together. Your laughter still rings in my ears and makes me smile, in spite of the tears that now flow down my cheeks.

I know that things between us weren’t going well, and I know that you needed time alone. It seems like forever since you’ve been gone and life without you is tearing me apart. Please come back, __(name/my love/etc.)__. I know we can work things out if we truly love each other, if we try just a little bit harder.

I am hurting so badly. You are my love and my life. I miss you more deeply with each passing day. Please don’t let our love slip away. It is worth fighting for. I know our love is strong and will persevere. Will you please come back to work it out?

Yours forever and always,