To see you with someone new

Love Letter

My dear ...

In this life, we are both blessed and cursed with "love." Such pleasure we reap when we find the one person who lightens up our world in every corner; knowing there is another whose heart beats for us. Such pain we suffer, when the very one we love, chooses another’s heart over ours.

Seeing the one you love with someone new kills the soul, leaving behind only an empty shell. And seeing you with someone else now, __(Name)__, has already ripped my heart right out. How can I think of you with another, for even a short few moments, without feeling like my world has ended?

I love you so much that I think only death could take away this pain. It is said, "Don’t be afraid to cry, because it is those tears that don’t fall, that hurt the most." And so I cry. Yet the tears I weep are still of such deep sorrow that the angels of heaven are saddened to see such pains of the heart being brought upon a mortal soul.

Somehow I must find the strength and the courage to force my heart to move on.

Goodbye forever,