Encourage to join Board of Directors

Business Letter

Dear …

It is my pleasure to inform you about a new __(type of organization)__ that has recently received approval by the __(federal government/the state of__/etc.)__. __(Name of organization)__ is an innovative __(type of organization)__ dedicated to offering __(type of programs)__.

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is __(name)__ and I work as a __(type of position)__ with the __(Name of organization)__. My involvement with __(type of project/organization)__ has been __(briefly describe what your involvement is)__. Currently, we are in the midst of assembling a Board of Directors to help lead this organization into a successful future. We are fortunate to already have some board members from admiral professions such as __(list types of professionals – example: attorneys, MD’s etc.)__.

__(Name of organization)__ is looking for additional professionals who can contribute ideas and insight into the structure and the direction this new organization ought to take. We encourage __(list types of professionals – example: educators/health care professionals/etc.)__ to give serious consideration to joining the Board of Directors of __(Name of organization)__. If you feel motivated to play a part in making historic inroads into the area of __(type of organization)__ in this __(world/country/state)__, we want to hear from you. Please contact __(me/us)__ at __(phone number/email address/etc.)__.

The Board meets __(once/twice/etc.)__ per month and on special occasions, when required to make immediate decisions on unique issues. The remuneration package to board members includes __(describe remuneration)__. You have the qualities we are looking for and we hope that you will seriously consider becoming a member of the __(Name of organization)__ board. We look forward to hearing from you soon.