Invitation to join Executive Board

Business Letter

Dear …

Please allow me to formally introduce __(Name of Company)__ to you. This innovative and fast growing company is in the business of __(briefly describe your business Example: ‘bringing creative ecommerce solutions to small businesses’)__. One of the critical elements to our success is __(describe your competitive advantage)__ and we pride ourselves with having the ability to stand out as a leader in this area.

This year, we have expanded our operations through the recent acquisition of __(company name)__. Not only has acquiring this company strengthened our organization with expertise and size, it has also presented us with some unique and exciting challenges as we now move forward. We are currently assembling a new board of directors to help lead our company into a successful future. With that in mind, we are extending an invitation to you to join our Executive Board of Directors. Our new Board will consist of business professionals, such as yourself, who can provide us with sound business direction, bringing fresh ideas and solid leadership to the organization.

The Board meets __(once/twice/etc.)__ per month and on special occasions, when the company requires immediate decisions on unique issues. The remuneration package to board members includes __(describe remuneration)__. We believe you have all the qualities we are looking for, __(name)__, and we are asking you to let your name stand for a position on our __(name of company’s)__ Board of Directors. We hope that you will seriously consider joining us. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me directly at __(phone #)__. Please let me know by __(date)__ if you are willing to let your name stand. I look forward to hearing from you soon and remain hopeful of your decision.