Reappointment to Board of Directors

Business Letter

Dear …

Re: Reappointment to __(Name of)__Board of Directors I am writing to you requesting that I be reappointed to __(Name of Organization’s)__ Board of Directors. Though there are many reasons of interest I have in being reappointed to the Board, one of the primary reasons is because __(briefly describe the reason you wish to be reappointed)__.

As you’ve seen in the past, I’m an ambitious individual who can offer __(type of)__ experience to this __(organization/Board/etc.)__. As always, I am willing to do what it takes to make this organization a success and I’m ready and willing to take on the next __(length of time)__ term as __(name of executive position)__. My passion for __(briefly describe related passion)__ continues to propel me forward to ensure that __(Name of organization)__ reaches even higher levels of success.

Having already contributed to __(the success of…./the projects taken on over the last…/etc.)__, should qualify me as a viable candidate and I believe that I would offer considerable value as a reappointed Board member. I thank you for considering me for reappointment and look forward to hearing from you soon.