How much your love means to me

Love Letter

My dearest ...

Do you know that I cherish every moment that I’m with you? Do you know how special you really are and how much you mean to me? Only God could have sent such an Angel to me.

Your unwavering devotion to me is like a beacon in the night that guides my ship safely home. I feel such a warmth of comfort being with you. Like no one else has ever done before, you speak to me with unspoken words of love, through the beautiful smile in your eyes, when your hand gently touches my arm, through the tingles you leave behind with the breath of your kiss on my cheek. Tears well up in my eyes when I think of how deeply I care for you.

I have never known such true and beautiful love. You have given my life so much meaning. I am forever thankful to you for sharing your life with me. No words will ever begin to express how deeply I love you. You are my world.

Forever in love with you,