Acknowledgement of Employment Resignation

Business Letter

Dear …

RE: Resignation of Employment Acknowledgement

We acknowledge your recent decision to terminate your employment with __(Name of organization)__. It is a disappointment to us that you have chosen to leave our organization, however, we pass along to you our best wishes in your new endeavors. We do recognize that individuals choose to resign in order to grow in their careers and take it in different directions and it is not our practice to hold people back.

__(Name of organization)__ is an equal opportunity company that prides itself in offering employment, in multi-cultural environment, to a diverse group of individuals. Employees welcome our policy that prohibits prejudicial discrimination or coercion in any form towards workers. All of our employees are treated equally and fairly regardless of race, age or sex. We hope that one day, you will again consider __(name of Organization)__ as an employment opportunity.

You are leaving this organization in good standing and your employment file has been duly noted. Good luck and best wishes to you in your future ventures.

Yours truly,