Employer’s Farewell to Retiring Employee

Business Letter

Dear …

Please allow me to personally congratulate you on your retirement! __(# - i.e. Twenty-five)__ years goes back a long time. It will certainly seem unusual for us all not to see your face around here.

Yet, __(we are all/I am)__ genuinely happy for you, __(Name)__. You will now have the time to enjoy other pleasures in life. Hopefully that healthy little retirement fund __amount optional(of $amount)__ that __(Name of Organization)__ helped to contribute to, will help make __(your twilight years/this new phase of your life/etc.)__ even more enjoyable! It really was our pleasure to help set you up in this regard and send you off in style!

Although everyone is very happy for you, you are still going to be gravely missed here. I know that throughout all the years I’ve worked with you, I’ve considered it a privilege to have you __(on my team/working for my organization/etc.)__. As someone with honor and integrity, you were always a great asset to __(Name of Organization)__. Your shoes are definitely going to be hard to fill.

I wish you the very best, __(Name)__. May your retirement be all that you had hoped for. And, as a small token of __(our/my)__ appreciation for all your years of service, please accept this gift. Farewell and good luck to you!