Announce layoff - Didn`t get contract

Business Letter

To all staff;

Unfortunately __(company name)__ was not awarded the contract with __(Name of company)__ for the __(name of project)__. This contract was projected to be a significant part of our overall revenue through the next __(period of time)__, and we are now faced with having to restructure and downsize our organization.

Regrettably, we will be looking at layoffs of up to __(%)__ of our (total/branch/plant/etc.)__staff __ (by date/within the coming months)__. At this time, we do not know which employees will be affected by this layoff, we do, however want all employees to be aware of the situation and to plan accordingly. As we move ahead in the next few __(days/weeks/months)__, all supervisors will be kept informed of the restructuring status of their departments and will be communicating this with their staff.

We appreciate all of your continued cooperation as we work through this transition period.

Yours truly,