Announce single Contact Person to handle certain f

Business Letter

To All Employees:

RE: __(Subject Matter)__

As some of you are aware, we have been experiencing __(type of problem)__ as it relates to __(type of function/process)__. By centralizing this process we can help to alleviate this __(miscommunication/redundancy/etc.)__. Therefore, we wish to inform all employees that __(Name)__ has now been appointed as the official ‘contact person’ at __(Name of Organization)__ to handle all __(golf prize donation requests/office supplies orders/etc.)__. Effective immediately, we request that all __(employees/customers/etc.)__ inquiring about __(subject matter)__ please __(contact/be referred to/etc.)__ __(Name)__ at __(contact info.: phone #/email address)__. Thank you to all of you for your cooperation in moving forward to streamline this process.

Yours truly,