Announcing Retirement Party

Business Letter

To all staff;

Please join us in congratulating __(name)__ who is retiring from __(his/her)__ position of __(type of position)__ effective __(date)__. In __(his/her)__ retirement, __(name)__ plans to __(briefly describe his/her immediate retirement plans)__. We extend our best wishes to __(him/her)__ as __(he/she)__ enters this new stage of __(his/her)__ life.

__(Name)__ started with __(company name)__ in __(year)__ as a __(position type)__ and eventually worked __(his/her)__ way up to __(position type)__. I have enjoyed working with __(name)__ over the years and have valued __(his/her)__ friendship and support on many occasions. I’m sure most of us can say the same thing.

We will be holding a retirement party on __(date)__ at __(time)__ in the __(room/location)__ in honor of __(name)__. A buffet lunch will be served along with some good humored roasting and toasting. I look forward to seeing everyone there giving toast to this wonderful co-worker, friend and mentor, a person whom we will all miss.