I am happiest when you’re near

Love Letter

My dear...

I never knew I could ever be this happy again. Because of you, my days and nights are filled with joy. Because of you, my life has new meaning. The times we see each other are the highlights of my week. The minute I see you, my heart leaps. Holding your hand strengthens this joy I have in my heart. You are like a ray of sunshine in my life.

I am so very glad that you came into my life. I am my happiest when I am near you. You make me feel so loved and so special. Your smile melts me and your tender kisses fill my eyes with tears of immense joy. I know I have everything I need, because I have your love.

In my heart there glows an eternal candle of love for you and in my dreams, I dream of sharing forever with you.

Always and forever yours,