Announce to Employees New Acquisition

Business Letter

To all staff:

RE: Acquisition of __(Name of Company)__

__(Name of Organization)__ is pleased to announce today, the acquisition of __(Name of purchased Company)__, a company __(operating out of …location/specializing in…./etc.)__. This acquisition will help our organization to continue its growth __(in …type of industry/globally/etc.)__. We welcome __(Name of purchased Company)__ to our family.

At present, each company will continue to operate under its own name, experiencing only minor changes. The immediate changes will include:

  • __(briefly describe change – Example - Restructuring of the accounting department)__
  • __(briefly describe change– Example - Name will charge of…..)__
  • __(briefly describe change)__
  • __(briefly describe change)__

Those whose jobs will be affected by the restructuring process, have either already been notified or will be notified soon. They will be working closely with Human Resources and we ask that any questions or concerns they may have, be directed to the Human Resources department.

Our company has now set its path in this positive direction and we appreciate the continued cooperation from all of our employees as we work through this transition period.