Announcement of Terminated Employee

Business Letter

Dear …

RE: __(Type of Position)__ - New Contacts

It is with regret that today I announce the departure of __(name)__ as an employee of __(Name of Organization)__. Effective immediately, the tasks of __(his/her)__ __(name of position)__ position will be handled by __(Name(s) and necessary contact #s)__. During the interim period, as we seek a replacement, all the __(urgent/key/etc.)__ functions related to that position will be handled by these people without interruption.

Please ensure that all correspondence and dealings associated with __(type of related functions/area)__ are directed to those contact persons noted above. On behalf of __(name of Organization)__, I thank you in advance for your __(cooperation/patience/etc.)__ during this period of adjustment. We will endeavor to keep you posted on the status of the position replacement.

Yours truly,