My shooting star

Love Letter

My dearest ...

There are things in life that we are powerless to control; the ebb and rise of the tide, the changing seasons and the most powerful of all... falling in love.

The very night you came into my life, I was gazing up at the stars. For some reason they seemed brighter, more luminous than I had ever seen. I saw a shooting star pulsating with such brilliance that I could not help myself from making a wish. Then the miracle happened.

Nothing could prepare me for the love I felt surround me when I met you that night. I could not help but think that you are truly a splendid, bright shining star that has brought light into my world. I know how very lucky I am to have caught my shooting star.

The power of love is incredible. From the moment you captured my heart, I knew that I reached the point of no return. I love everything about you. The very thought of you leaves me breathless. When your voice calls my name, I have to hold my breath to keep the love I have for you from crying out. You are so special to me, like a rare and precious gem. You shine so brightly in my life and I love you from the very depths of my heart.

Loving you for eternity,