Apathetic Attitude of Team Affecting Performance

Business Letter

Dear …

RE: Team performance level down

It has recently come to my attention that the overall attitude of this team has deteriorated to a very unhealthy level. Apathy has set in—the focus of the team has strayed significantly from working towards achieving the overall corporate objectives, to a self-focus. It has been noted that a general failure to respond to basic issues by this team is negatively affecting the company and the bottom line.

__(Name of Organization)__ has built its success on __(briefly describe what success has been built on – i.e. placing top priority on…). This has always been and continues to be an integral part of the overall success of the company. When this area suffers, the whole organization suffers and we are now currently experiencing this.

Our ultimate corporate goal is to __(briefly describe what your company’s goal is)__. In order to achieve this, we need to have in place a cohesive team. The kind of team that has all its members working well together; each one willing to cooperate and function as part of a winning team—all focusing their efforts towards achieving the corporate goals.

Apathy is not acceptable in this workplace and it’s time that everyone gets back on track. Therefore, I will be setting aside a date and time to discuss and formulate a plan with each of you to bring your team participation level up to where it should be. Please be aware that over the next __(length of time)__, I will be in contact with you on an individual basis to set up a meeting.

Yours truly,