Gifts from Suppliers not to be Accepted

Business Letter

Attention all Staff:

RE: Company Policy – Gifts from Suppliers

We wish to remind our staff that Company Policy regarding the acceptance of gifts from our suppliers still remains in force. Employees are not to accept gifts from suppliers. This policy was implemented as a means to keep the business relationship with our suppliers above board and completely professional. It is not worth potentially compromising the integrity of our company by accepting gifts.

Having affirmed that, however, we do realize that some suppliers insist on giving gifts during the Christmas Season. In those particular cases, any gifts received are to be sent directly to the Human Resources department. From there, these gifts will be raffled off to our employees, with all the proceeds going to local charities.

We believe that this is the fairest way to handle the "gift" situation for all concerned and we thank all our employees for their cooperation in this matter.

Yours truly,