Employee of the Month

Business Letter

Dear …

RE: Employee of the Month

I want to take this opportunity to personally congratulate you for being honored as the ‘Employee of the Month’ this month. You have been recognized for __(briefly describe what they are being recognized for)__. __(Name of Organization)__ is pleased to have on __(staff/board)__ an employee like you who goes that extra mile.

Our __(type of employees – i.e. customer service representatives)__ play a key role in the success of our organization and it is important that we acknowledge and encourage those who are performing well. Your performance this month, __(Name)__, has been __(commendable/outstanding/etc.)__. As a token of our appreciation for your valuable contributions and dedication to __(Name of Organization)__, we are pleased to award you with __(brief description of award/prize/bonus)__.

Congratulations again and thank you for a job well done. Keep up the good work!