Invitation to Interview

Business Letter

Dear …

RE: __(Name of Position)__

Thank you for your interest in the position of __(type of position)__with __(Name of Organization)__. We have reviewed your qualifications with considerable interest as they appear to be congruent with what we are looking for in a candidate for this position. Therefore, we are pleased to invite you to our first round of interviews.

__(Name)__, who is the __(name of position)__ with our organization, will be conducting the first round of interviews. Please contact __(him/her/Name/me)__ at __(phone #.)__ at your earliest convenience to arrange for an interview. __(He/She is/I will be)__ expecting your call. Again, __(Name of Candidate)__, thank you for your interest in employment with __(Name of Organization)__. We’re looking forward to an opportunity to speak with you soon.

Yours truly,