Announcing Bonus Payments

Business Letter

Dear …

RE: Bonuses for __(Year/# Quarter)__

The bonuses for __(year/the # quarter/etc.)__ have been processed and __(I am/weare)__ pleased to see that so many __(sales managers/distributors/etc.)__ made an additional __(amount %)__ on their __(type)__ sales! These bonus payments are significant in size, some reaching up to __($amount)__, which __(I/we)__ know will be well-received by so many of you. __(I/We)__ only wish that every single one of you would be receiving one.

It is true, some __(sales managers/distributors/etc.)__ did not meet their objectives for __(the last quarter/in year/etc.)__ and, unfortunately, they will not be participating in these __(extravagant/fabulous/etc.)__ bonuses. If some had only reached a little bit further, they too would be rejoicing with their bonus. Be that as it may, however, a new __(year/quarter/etc.)__ has arrived, giving everyone a fresh start.

Our products are first rate quality and just making sure that our customers are aware of them is usually the hardest step. The sale becomes easy after that because these products nearly sell themselves! __(I/We)__ encourage you to try promoting __(type products)__, as this really helps to drive up those sales rapidly. With great anticipation, __(I am/we are)__ looking forward to __(year/the next quarter/etc.)__, confident that of all __(my/our)__ __(sales managers/distributors/etc.)__ will reach their __(goals/objectives)__ this time.

Each one of you should be able to share in these very generous bonus opportunities, enjoying the fruits of your labor! And now, you all have another chance to do so. __(I/We)__ wish you great success in __(year/this new quarter/etc.)__.

Best regards,