Closing Branch - Employees being let go

Business Letter

Dear …

It is with great sadness that I inform you today of __(Name of Organization’s)__ decision to close down its __(name of branch/operation)__. The Board of Directors, unfortunately, were unable to come up with a solution to offset the struggles that this __(type of branch/operation)__ has been experiencing over the past __(length of time)__ and finally had to make the difficult decision to close it down. In an optimum world, a __(type of location/operation/etc.)__ is the ideal setting for the rest of our organization, however, it has become very evident that the economic downturn will no longer support it.

And so, with deepest regret, I must inform you that your employment service at __(Name of Company)__ will be terminated as of __(date)__. I want to make it perfectly clear, however, that in no way should this be viewed as a reflection of your work performance. You have been regarded as a highly productive employee over the past __(length of time)__ and it’s only because of the corporate decision to close down its __(name of branch/operation)__ that you are being let go.

__(Optional: As a means to help reduce the impact of this sudden termination, we have worked out a severance package for you. You will be given __(briefly describe how many weeks/months individual will be paid for)__. In addition, we will __(briefly describe what else your company will offer in the severance pkg)__. Soon you will receive a letter from Human Resources outlining the details of this package.

On behalf of __(Name of Organization)__, I want to thank you for your past service. You’ve been an asset to our organization and I have no doubt that with your proven abilities and qualifications, you’ll be able to secure new employment very soon. __(Optional: If you’d find it helpful, I’d be happy to provide you with a letter of recommendation)__.

I wish you all the best for success in your future endeavors.