Apology for Undeserved Reprimand

Business Letter

Dear …

RE: Undeserved Reprimand

I have now completed a thorough investigation into the incident of __(date)__ and the truth concerning the matter has been completely revealed. It has become painfully obvious to me now that I acted prematurely in my unwarranted reprimand of you. I see that in no way were you responsible for __(briefly describe what employee was reprimanded for)__.

Please accept my sincerest apology for this terrible mistake I’ve made. I have no excuse for my behavior—I should have looked more closely into the matter before reacting the way I did. There is a good lesson that I’ve learned here. Rest assured that I’ve already taken care to ensure your employment record has been expunged of this incident and I’ve also included a copy of this letter in your file.

I am truly sorry for acting too hastily, __(Name)__, and I genuinely hope you will forgive me and not allow this mistake to tarnish your future attitude towards your work at __(Name of Organization)__.