Farewell to Retiring Employee

Business Letter

Dear …

It is with feeling of sadness today that I say farewell to you, __(Name)__, yet at the same time I am genuinely happy for you as you move into your retirement years. It has been a pleasure working with you and I hope that you will always be able to look back with fondness of your memories with __(name of company)__.

The contributions you have made to this organization are too great and too many to even mention. But what I will say, is that your accomplishments have been very significant to the success of __(name of organization)__. You have every right to be proud of all that you have achieved here.

I wonder if you had any notion when you first joined us in __(year)__, that you would have ended up staying with us for __(#)__ years. That is amazing loyalty, __(Name)__! And consistently, you have always remained a conscientious, professional and hard-working person. You became a role model for many and helped to create a pleasant environment to work in. Along with countless others, I really am honored to have had the fortunate opportunity to work with you.

Congratulations on your retirement, __(Name)__. You have always been held in high regard by all your colleagues here and will undeniably be greatly missed. I wish all the best in happiness and fulfillment for you in the years to come.

Best wishes,