From Lust to Love

Love Letter

My sweet sensual ...

How do I deal with this erotic charm you have on me? Those mystical and magical powers of intuitive and so alluring. There is a magnetic quality that surrounds you, creating an aura that I simply cannot resist.

When I think about your sensual touch, the passion and desire I feel burns like a sizzling fire within me. The sexual passion I have for you smolders within me with every glance and smile you send my way. Oh you are so sexy, your kisses so intensely passionate. You take me to greater heights than I’ve ever been before. What we unleash together is like a hurricane force over us.

Yet this sensual charm is not the only power you have over me. You are also someone who knows that heart passions are the sweetest of all. There are times when I’ve been with you that I can hear what you feel, without a word spoken. Your smile and kind words of love make me melt into a river of eternal bliss. From lust to love, I feel my love and devotion for you growing stronger every day.

Lovingly yours,