Welcome new Director

Business Letter

Dear …

Welcome to __(name of company/organization)__! We are all very pleased that you have made the decision to join our __(company/organization/team/etc)__. Your __(experience/expertise)__ will definitely add value to__(this club/our team/our organization/etc.)__ and we are all looking forward to working with you.

It would be a great advantage to us to have you brought up to speed on some of our pressing issues before you get started, __(name)__. So in that light, I would like to set up a meeting between you and myself. This meeting will enlighten you on what our immediate issues are and will give me the chance to acquaint you with the ‘operations’ side of the organization. Please contact me at __(phone)__ to let me know if a meeting on __(date & time)__will work for you. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Once again, on behalf of __(company/organization name)__, let me take this opportunity to welcome you and wish you every success in your career with us.