Performance Issues - Getting back on track

Business Letter

Dear ...

Unfortunately, some issues concerning your performance have recently come to my attention. You have been a valuable asset to my team over the last __(#)__ __(months/years)__ so naturally I was concerned when I learned your performance is lacking. Some of the issues concerning your performance include:

  1. __(Here list and briefly describe two or three performance issues)__

Based on your past performance, this appears to be completely out of character for you, __(Name)__, and I want to work together with you to get your work performance back on track. This is not a reprimand…it is a discussion. I want you to sit down with me in my office on __(date)__ at __(time)__ so we can discuss __(this/these)__ matter further.

This meeting is mandatory, so please make the proper arrangements if there is something else you are currently committed to at that time.

Yours truly,