Poor Performance Rating - Bad Attitude

Business Letter

Dear …

RE: Performance Review __(Date)__

One of the fundamental principles that __(Name of Organization)__ uses to build its success on, is based on the “team environment” model. This has proven to play an integral roll in the overall success of the organization over the years. Management, therefore, places a high value on team players and made the decision long ago, to continue fostering and heightening a team environment at __(Name of Organization)__. The ultimate aim of this corporation is to create, in every __(department/area of this company)__, an atmosphere where people can work well together; each willing to cooperate as part of a team.

All employees are required to adopt this company policy. Behavior that is strongly frowned upon is that of individuals who believe that they do not require the expertise of their fellow team members, and thereby seek to undermine them. This type of behavior can be extremely destructive and is not conducive to the environment we intend to maintain here. In keeping with this, I must bring forward some issues concerning your recent performance.

I know how hard you work, __(employee’s name) __, and how seriously you take your job. It has come to my attention, however, that your assertiveness has reached an unhealthy level. Recent observations reveal that it boarders on rudeness and, what some have deemed as, arrogance. Your focus seems to have turned inward and it has become quite evident that this internal self-focus is quickly ostracizing you from your team.

As a result, the rating you will receive for this performance review is a __(#)__. It is regrettable that this situation has come to pass. I value you as a member of my team, __(Name)__, and would like to help you get back on track. Therefore, I have set aside __ (date & time) __ to discuss and formulate a plan with you to bring your team participation level up to where it should be. Please mark this in your calendar and meet me in __(my office/the meeting room/etc.)__ then.

Yours truly,