Request Immediate Replacement of Account

Business Letter

Dear …

RE: Replacement of __(Account Representative/Account Executive/Customer Service Representative/etc.)__

Please let this letter serve as __(my/our)__ formal request to have __(Name)__ immediately removed as our __(Account Representative/Account Executive/Customer Service Representative/etc.)__ with __(Name of Company)__.

__(Name’s)__ repetitive and unsolicited __(aggressive sales techniques/etc.)__ will no longer be tolerated __(by me or my colleagues)__. __(I/We)__ find __(his/her)__ conduct insulting and offensive. Never before have __(I/we)__ had to deal with such an unprofessional individual. __(I am/We are)__ not adverse to doing business with your company but rest assured, __(I/we)__ will not be __(coerced into making purchases/subjected to…etc.)__ __(by someone who thinks insults will be what persuades us to buy/etc.)__.

__(I/we)__ have had good relations with your company in the past, so __(I am/we are)__ assuming that the bad behavior demonstrated by __(Name)__ is not the standard with which you now conduct your business. For obvious reasons, it is important for our organization to be comfortable with the individual who looks after our account and, therefore, request that you find a suitable replacement to service our account as soon as possible.

__(I/We)__ thank you for looking into this matter and look forward to hearing from you soon with respect to our new __(Account Representative/Account Executive/Customer Service Representative/etc.)__.

Yours truly,