Response to Customer’s Unjustified Complaint

Business Letter

Dear …

We acknowledge receipt of your complaint against __(an employee/some employees)__ of __(Name of Organization)__. After investigation into the incident you brought to our attention that occurred on __(date)__, it has been determined that our employee(s) __(was/were)__ had followed the correct company procedure in that instance. It is appropriate for our employees to __(briefly describe what employees should do in that situation)__.

Witnesses have informed me that __(our/one of our)__ __(customer service representatives/employees/etc.)__ __(were/was)__ __(briefly explain what CSR was trying to do – i.e.: trying to offer you an explanation to the issue that was troubling to you)__. It is reported that __(briefly explain what customer said/did – i.e. you would not accept any of __(his/her)__ attempts to explain the situation to you and you ultimately became very disruptive)__. Given the situation at hand, the management of __(Name of organization)__ is satisfied that it was handled appropriately by our staff member(s).

All__(customer service representatives/staff members in the __(type of department/division)__ are all highly trained to help customers with their __(briefly describe what they do)__. The training they receive includes dealing with difficult situations, such as this, both efficiently and professionally. Though our employees are expected to handle incidents that may become uncomfortable at times, please be made aware that they are not expected to __(briefly describe what the customer the employee to do)__.

Our investigation into this incident is now complete and the file has been closed.

Yours truly,