Requesting Reimbursement for Airline Ticket

Business Letter

Dear …

RE: Reimbursement for Airline Ticket Cost

I would like to bring to your attention a matter that has recently caused __(me/our company)__ undue financial burden and I am requesting reimbursement of same.

Due to a lack of required action by staff within your airline, __(I/Name, from our company/etc.)__ was forced to purchase an additional airline ticket in order to reach my destination. Below is a recap of what took place:

  1. __(I/Name, from our company/etc.)__ purchased an airline ticket from
    1. __(Name of Airline)__ with the following itinerary:
    2. - Flight __(#)__- Departure from __(location)__ at __(time)__ - Arrival at __(location)__ at __(time)__
    3. - Flight __(#)__- Departure from __(location)__ at __(time)__ - Arrival at __(location)__ at __(time)__
  2. Flight __(#)__ was delayed and didn’t arrive in __(location)__ until __(time)__. __(Name of Airline)__ was supposed to have arranged and reissued alternative connecting tickets for those passengers who missed their connecting flights as a result of this delay.
  3. Unfortunately, __(Name of Airline)__ did not make the appropriate arrangements for an alternative connecting ticket for__(me/Name from our company/etc.)__ and as a result, __(I/he/she)__ended up having to separately purchase an additional airline ticket __(myself/himself/herself)__ in order to get to __(name of final destination)__.

This was clearly a mistake made by your airline in failing to fulfill its obligations to one of its passengers. __(I/we)__, therefore, expect full reimbursement in the amount of __($amount)__ for the unnecessary ticket that had to be purchased. Attached you will find a copy of this additional ticket purchased, the original ticket, and the itinerary for your records.

I trust you will check into this matter and forward the __($amount)__ reimbursement as quickly as possible. Thank you for your immediate attention to this situation. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours truly,