Condolences to Employee’s Family

Business Letter

Dear …

It was with the deepest sadness that I learned of __(Name’s)__ death and I extend my heartfelt sympathy to you and your family. __(Name/Your husband/etc.)__ was highly regarded by everyone in this company and we all feel this loss immensely.

A dedicated and selfless human being __(Name/your husband/etc.)__ was. Very well respected as a __(briefly describe what the individual was respected as – i.e. a leader …/etc.)__ by all who worked with __(him/her)__. Having had the privilege to get to know __(him/her)__ personally, I saw the way __(Name)__ touched people’s lives both in the workplace and privately. __(He/She)__ truly was a remarkable person and I dare say that __(his/her)__ contributions to this world will never be forgotten.

On behalf of all the employees here at __(Name of Company)__, please accept our deepest condolences for your great loss. We know this is a very difficult time for you and your family and we genuinely share your sorrow. __(He/She)__ will be greatly missed by all.

With sincere sympathy,