Contractors - Terms of Service

Business Letter

Dear …

Re: Terms of Service - __(Type of Project)__

Thank you for choosing __(name of company)__ for your __(type of project)__. We are professionals who take pride in our work, going to great lengths to ensure great customer satisfaction. We would like to take this opportunity to assure you that you have made a good choice with __(name of company)__.

With reference to the specifications detailed on attached Work Order, __(name of company)__ is prepared to undertake this project commencing __(date)__, with an estimated completion date of __(date)__. In our preliminary assessment, we did not identify any situations that would extend the date completion. If, however, an unforeseen event does arise, __(name of company)__ will act with due diligence in order to complete this project at the most earliest possible date.

The cost of the services as outlined in the attached Work Order is__($amount)__. Terms of payments are as follows:

  1. (__%) Deposit as the down payment prior to commencement of project
  2. Progress payment of (__%) within __(#)__ days of project start date
  3. Remaining final payment of __(%)__ within __(#)__ days of completion date

Our team ensures that the area we have worked in is completely returned to a spotless condition on completion of the project. So you never have to worry about cleaning up after us. The only thing our customers notice is how great their new __(area/room/etc.)__ looks!

Your signature __(at the bottom of this letter/on the attached Work Order/etc.)__ and down payment of __($amount)__ will signify your agreement to the Terms of Service we offer. We thank you for your business and look forward to getting started on your project.