Acknowledging Contract Cancellation Request

Business Letter

Dear ...

Re: __(Type Contract)__ Contract

Between: __(Name of Party #1)__ and __(Name of Party #2)__ __(We are/I am)__ in receipt of your request to cancel the above mentioned contract due to __(briefly state reason given)__. Under the circumstances, the position you’ve taken to cancel this contract is quite understandable. Accordingly, please find enclosed the documents finalizing termination of the contract.

It has been a pleasure dealing with you over the past __(#months/years/etc.)__, __(Name)__. __(Working with you/Servicing your account/etc.)__ was an enjoyable experience and __(we/I)__ trust that you found the __(service/products)__ __(we/I)__ provided __(met your needs well/to be quite satisfactory/etc.)__. __(We/I)__ hope to have an opportunity to do business with you again in the future and ask that you kindly keep __(us/me/name of company)__ in mind when you find yourself in need of a __(type supplier/provider)__ down the road.

Good luck and the best of success to you __(and your company/business/name of Company/etc.)__. __(We/I)__ look forward to hearing from you again soon.