Breach of Contract - Repayment or Legal Action

Business Letter

Dear …

RE: Breach of Contract – Repayment Agreement

Please allow me to remind you that we have still not received payment in the amount of __($amount)__ representing the __(refund/reimbursement/repayment)__ you agreed to on __(Date)__. Let me take this opportunity to refresh your memory on the course of events that took place leading up to this __(refund/reimbursement of costs/repayment)__ as outlined herein.

On __(Date)__, you entered into a contract with __(Name of Organization)__ wherein you agreed to __(briefly describe the job agreed to complete)__. By __(Date)__, it was evident that you were unable to fulfill your contractual obligations and, therefore, on that date you agreed to __(refund/reimburse/repay)__ us in the __($amount)__ in order to cover additional costs that we would incur by having to hire another __(company/contractor/etc.)__. We have, in fact, incurred costs that far exceed that amount as a result of this breach of contract, however, we intend to honor the agreement that we made with you on __(Date)__ to receive __(refund/reimbursement/repayment)__ from you in the amount of __($amount)__.

As you are fully aware, to date we have not yet received any portion of that __(refund/reimbursement/repayment)__ from you. In fact, we have not even heard from you, despite the several phone calls and messages __(I’ve/we’ve)__ left for you since __(Date)__. This has not only greatly disappointed us, but has left us in a position now where we are forced to take further action.

Therefore, please be aware that if full payment in the amount of __($amount)__ is not received in our office by __(Date)__, we will proceed with legal action. Consider this your final notice.

Yours truly,