Rescinding Request to Terminate Contract

Business Letter

Dear …

RE: Rescinding Request to Terminate __(Contract type/reference)__

On __(date)__, __(Name of our Organization)__ sent a written request to your company requesting the termination of the above mentioned __(type of)__ contract we have with you. At that time, we had decided __(to cancel/not to renew)__ this contract for reasons of __(briefly describe reasons for requesting contract termination)__. Since then, we have been in discussions with __(Name(s)/your company representative(s)/etc.)__, who __(has/have)__ been able to work out the service issues we had.

Therefore, please accept this letter as our formal written notification that we are rescinding our previous request, of __(date)__, to terminate of this contract. We believe that based on the relationship we have built with __(Name of Company)__ over the past __(length of time)__ and the willingness that your company has recently shown to accommodate our needs in the areas of __(list areas that were a concern to you)__, we can now move forward together with a harmonious and mutually rewarding relationship.

Kindly forward any relative documentation to us that may require our authorization in this regard. We look forward to continuing to do business with you and __(Name of company)__.

Yours truly,