Work Requests Outside Terms of Agreement

Business Letter

Dear …

As you know, on __date)__ our company was contracted for a period of __(length of time)__ by __(Name of Organization)__ to provide repairs and maintenance service for your __(type of)__ equipment. I hope that you feel the service we have provided thus far, has been prompt, courteous and professional. I know that we have been happy with our arrangement so far.

There is, however, a little matter which I would like to bring to your attention at this time. Recently, I received reports from our service technicians that they have, on occasion, been asked by members of your staff to service other equipment; equipment equipment such as __( list type of equipment)__, which lies outside of the terms of our Agreement. Apparently, in some cases, our technicians have actually gone ahead and performed the work, merely to be helpful.

Upon learning of this, I have since advised all of our technicians to politely decline these requests in the future for a couple of reasons. Firstly, because they are already hard pressed to keep up with the daily schedules they are given. And, secondly, that equipment should be serviced only by those who are in a better position to provide you with the service you require for warranty and other reasons.

I suspect that you have no knowledge of this matter, __(Name)__ and I only bring it to your attention because I believe you too will agree that it is not a satisfactory arrangement for either of us.

Respectfully yours,